Women Encouraged To Be More Confident

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Fiji, still has a very long way to go in fostering an environment that allows women to take up leadership positions.

And just like every other women around the world, climbing the corporate ladder and being respected for the position they hold is a challenge that even the local ladies face on a regular basis.

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Premila Kumar, said: “So for Fiji, we are not alone. We’re just like the rest of the world. We’re still struggling. Unfortunately when we look at the global statistics, we are below average. We need to go above the average.”

In Fiji, a total of 44 women and 205 men ran in the 2014 general elections.

But women only won 8 seats out of 50 in Parliament.

However in the 2018 elections, 56 women and 225 men stood for the elections.

And for the first time, women’s representation increased by 4%.

But Kumar says Fiji has more work to do.

She says women need to be more confident and believe in themselves rather than working on trying to be perfect.

According to Kumar, there are less than 15% of women working for the local government.

This means, there are only 207 women out of 1366 employees, working in the local government.

Also, there is only one woman who holds a leadership position, and she is the CEO of the Lami Town Council.

Kumar said, “Women who are employed at local government or municipalities are involved in administration or clerical level. When will they get the senior positions?”

She encourages women to apply for the Municipal Councils CEO position that has been advertised.

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