WG Friendship Plaza is Up for Grabs

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28 floors, a rooftop bar, 4 levels of retail space, 7 levels for commercial spaces and an underground car park that can cater for 600 cars.

All of that will be available in one place that has now been described as Fiji’s tallest building that will provide jobs to 500 Fijians.

And Fijians who wish to sign up on the Freehold STRATA Units can now secure a unit with a 10% deposit while the remaining 90% can be paid on a settlement date.

Charan Shergill, CEO Raine and Horne (Fiji), said: “This decision was taken bearing in mind that banks do not finance properties which are still under construction.We would also like to announce the developers are now undertaking that the deposits made to the Trust Account will be untouched unless authorized in writing by the purchaser.”

The developers added incentives for customers who allow them to use the funds during the construction phase.

“The incentives include discounts on final price and furnishings as part of the package. We are also pleased to announce all STRATA units including the Stui, 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms will have free parking lots for the next  years,” said Shergill.

One studio apartment costs about $495 000 while a two or three bedroom apartment may cost more than a million dollars.

Ron Ding, General Marketing Director WG International Real Estate (Fiji) Limited, said: “It has been a great and troubled journey for our company with this project. As this is the first project we have done out of China and this is the first high rise in Fiji. We have built 112m high rises and have been an established company in China for 20 years. We are learning and co-eperating with the local authorities for any and all approvals for the safety and integrity of the building. The local company Structural Design under the leadership of structural engineer, Vijay Krishna, has seen through plans and approves of the structure.”

Realtors Raine and Horne Fiji has partnered with WG International Real Estate Fiji Limited and will be selling the prime freehold STRATA units and leasing the commercial lots available in the building.

Raine and Horne said 10 studio apartments were sold so far.


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