UN Secretary-General Thanks Fiji’s Climate Change Efforts and UN Peacekeeping Commitment

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Fiji’s leadership is an important element in making sure that the international community is rallied to protect our oceans and win the climate change battle.

During his first official visit to Fiji and the Pacific, the United Nation’s Secretary-General thanked the Fijians for their commitment to leading the fight against climate change and the UN’s peacekeeping missions.

António Guterres – United Nations Secretary-General said: “As a Secretary-General of the UN, I have many battles. But I have no doubt to say, as a grandfather, this is also the battle of my life. It is absolutely essential that we mobilize the intentional community to make sure in the end of the century, temperatures will not be above 1.5 degrees of what they were when this process started.”

Guterres will fly to Tuvalu tomorrow, one of the many Pacific Island Countries that has faced the brunt of climate change.

He added that as the UN Secretary-General, he strives to do everything possible to make sure that the international communities are mobilized for the Summit in September and the renewal of the 2020 Nationally Determined Contributions.

Voreqe Bainimarama- Prime Minister said: “When it comes to achieving peace and prosperity, Fiji is the nation that holds unwavering belief in the greatest  of global cooperation and the might of unilateralism.”

During the Pacific Islands Forum yesterday, the pacific nations declared a state of crisis and called for an urgent increase in ambition, with every country’s nationally determined contribution under the Paris Agreement.

Guterres added: “We need to recognize that for the moment we are not winning this battle. For the moment we are not on track, not even the commitments made in Paris respected.”

Bainimarama assured the UN Secretary-General that Fiji will continue to answer the call to serve the UN peacekeeping operations in conflict zones around the world.


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