Sai Prema Celebrates Gift of Life Project with Children Patients

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The Sai Prema Foundation has been performing free heart surgeries on children suffering from congenital heart disease under their Gift of Life project.
To commemorate the ‘Gift Of Life’ heart surgeries, the Sanjeevani Medical Centre today hosted the children who had received the surgeries for lunch with their parents.

The Minister for Health in his address said this was an initiative to save the lives of our children from heart diseases which are life-threatening.

He also added that 90% of those children born with congenital heart disease, unfortunately, live in poor regions with little to no access to such health care.
Dr. Waqainabete also added that the Ministry of health staff together with medical staff from the foundation help in the running of the Medical Centre.
Sumeet Tappoo, the Foundation’s Director said despite the many challenges they had faced in the beginning, this day was indeed a day of achievement.
In the last 3 years, 71 poor and under-privileged Fijian children suffering from congenital heart disease have received free heart surgeries, saving the families in excess of an estimated 7 million dollars through the foundation.
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