Qiliho: No Disruptions to Water Supply

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The Commissioner of Police – Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho, has assured members of the public that the police will ensure the safety of everyone, and will not allow unscrupulous elements to disrupt the water supply, or operations of the Water Authority of Fiji by union activists.

This is after concerns were made, about possible water disruptions by activists.

Sitiveni Qiliho expressed his disappointment at the representatives and supporters who used old interim court orders from last year to gain entry into the Water Authority Wailoku Depot.

He added that a national strike which the Fiji Trades Union and Union of Workers are organising today, will be deemed as illegal because the strike has not been approved.

Qiliho said in a press statement that there is a reason there are laws and procedures and using such a tactic is unbecoming.

He explained that the police officers went in and explained to the people gathered inside the complex that they had been deceived and the former employees subsequently cooperated and agreed to move peacefully outside.

Although majority cooperated, Qiliho confirmed that 20 people were arrested in Lautoka on Wednesday morning for allegedly illegally gathering and refusing to disperse when advised by the police.


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