Young farmers on the garden island of Fiji are concerned about the welfare of their produce.

One such farmer in his 20’s is Eliki Tikodraubuta who is from Somosomo Village, in Taveuni.

Tikodraubuta was one of the 30 participants of the Wakatu Taveuni workshop held at Somosomo 3 weeks ago.

The young farmer shared how through the workshop he learned of the connection between the clouds and the trees, and more importantly the reason leading to the lack of water on the island.

What i have come to learn of today at the launch of the Wakatu Taveuni campaign workshop, is the continuous cutting down of trees from our forests is the reason why we are having water shortages. I also learnt how damaging it is when we burn aches of land, and it in turn causes soil infertility resulting in water shortages in our villages.

Tikodraubuta is a dalo and yaqona farmer and has been farming for several years now.

One of the changes i have come to see, is that before the land was really yielding so well, but today the land is dry and what we produce does not give us what it use like it did many years ago. The Dalo and yaqona does not grow well like before.

The young farmer encouraged through the workshop says that if anything he takes away from the workshop, it will be championing the replanting of trees.

What i learned today is the reason leading up to the shortage of water ,and i want to encourage us to replant a tree if you have cut it down from our forests especially for those of us in the village.


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