The Social Democratic Liberal Party of Fiji held their first rally for Nadi last night – presenting their MANIFESTO to those who attended their campaign.

Rabuka outlined the changes SODELPA will bring IF they are elected into government.

“We are all patriots now we are compatriots of this great nation of Fiji. With that outlook on our composition I’m glad to say that SODELPA believe very strongly in this multi cultural multi ethnic and multi religious nation of Fiji,” said SODELPA Party Leader, Sitiveni Rabuka.

The SODELPA rally here in Nadi last night was full of promises and positive changes the party believes that will take the country forward. And a political journey that will not leave anyone behind, these are dreams contained in the SODELPA manifesto.

“We have embodied in this manifesto what we believe is the aspiration of the people particularly the future generation of Fiji. the social development the economic development, stability law and order and all those aspects of government. A nation of goodwill a nation of growth a nation of prosperity a nation that last a platform for each and everyone to achieve their personal dream. And where no society is left boy the way side.”

The rally was about proposals and hard questions from the crowd that focused on future policies without political polarization.

“What do you say SODELPA is, SODELPA is a party that will lead this great country back to growth back to participate leadership, the party that will give Fiji a leadership that listens, a party that will do what is right with malice towards none.

The party leader even drew the spotlight on his past, keeping the rally away from the emotional appeal of polemic topics.

“You know my past, its not glorious at all but I’m giving you my promise that the future will be better more is still to come the best is still to come.”

Rabuka says the Manifesto will remain a book until the party have the people who are prepared to walk the talk and produce results.

He adds do not judge the party with its past but look at the promise for the future and than judge their achievements after four years.


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