More than 80 Medical Interns were inducted at the Novotel Convention Centre in Lami yesterday.

While officiating at the event, the Minister for Health and Medical Services – Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete told the interns, that this is the beginning of their movement towards the ultimate completion and attainment, of their life’s goal and career. He says hard work is what is expected of them, from day one.

“Hard work is what is expected from you, there has been many government Initiative and one of them is being the implementation of the National Health Call Center which provides a convenient way for patients to give feedback, and I’m a person that believes in feedback, whether it be negative or positive. And I love negative feedback not because I can look at negative comments and gossip about it or rebuke it, but I love negative feedback because it is the mechanism which I can relook at myself and the way I provide service and the way I act and react and hope I can change the things I can change to make me a better Professional”

Waqainabete reminded the interns that they are called to be managers and leaders – wherever they go. He wished them the very best in their Internship

You are called to be managers and you are called to be a leader wherever you go,and remember in the Health sector situation there will be probably yourself, your two nurses , your zone nurses, and your nursing stations, your cleaner orderlies and maybe a driver, but you’re a leader and also a follower . It is your role to empower people beside you to be leaders too and one thing I quite often do when I go to CWM in the morning when I do my ward rounds at 7 or 5 or 3  in the morning is to shake the hand of everybody  I meet, I shake the hand of the cleaner, shake the hand of the cooker, and the driver cause their roles are as important as ours and we shouldn’t forget they look up to us”

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