Emergency works to remove the defective Polyjet valve at the Water Authority of Fiji’s
Nagado Water Treatment Plant has been completed.

“As of yesterday repair works and the removal of the defective Polyjet valve at the Nagado Water Treatment Plant has been successfully completed within its expected timeframe,” said WAF Chief Operating Officer, Samanmal Ekanayake.

“Water supply is expected to be normalised by 80% on Monday morning, but towards Momi
southern end side which has the longest pipeline – so that will take some additional time due
to the distance. We expect that, by Wednesday (27/06) water supply will be fully restored,”
said Ekanayake.

Ekanayake said defective Polyjet valve requires additional repairs as it had sustained major
damages as nuts, bolts and metal sheeting pieces from the valve were orbiting within the
chamber and causing severe weathering to the chamber walls and the Polyjet valve.

WAF has two Polyjet valves installed at the treatment plant in Nagado and has revived the second Polyjet valve while additional repairs will be made to the defective Polyjet valve and the chamber.

“We decided to carry out this repair with a short notice due to the urgency of the repair. If we
did not act quickly it could have resulted in a catastrophic structural damage which could have
resulted in a complete shutdown at Nagado leaving thousands of Fijians without water supply
for a month or two,” explained Ekanayake.

Nagado Water Treatment Plant receives water through a high pressure gravity pipeline from
the Vaturu Dam. There are four main valves (2 Vanesa valves and 2 Polyjet valves) within the
treatment plant to control plant operations. The purpose of the Vanesa valves are to isolate the
system for maintenance purposes.

“The Polyjet valves regulate the pressure and the flow. All those valves have been installed
during commissioning of Nagado Water Treatment Plant and are nearly 14 years old.

Orders for replacement four valves were placed few months

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