The 7th prosecution witness in the trial of of John and Yvette Nikolic , Vasiti Toga says she escorted John Nikolic to his wife as he wanted to explain why customs Officers found the bars of drugs in their yacht.

Toga who is a Senior Customs officer with the drug enforcement unit told the court that she heard John Nikolic tell his wife that the Colombian Marine had hidden something in the bag.

“I owe a lot of money, these people are very dangerous and this is the only way to pay them.”

Giving evidence in court this afternoon prosecution witness Vasiti toga quoted what she heard John Nikolic told his wife as he explained why Customs officers found drugs on their yacht- the Shenanigan.

Toga said John told his wife that he will be gone for some time and asked her to look after their babies.

The witness said John hugged Yvette as she cried and she asked him why he did that.

She said after awhile John asked if he could use the toilet so she called customs officer Fenton William to escort John.

When they returned he requested if he could hug his wife and had also asked for a piece of paper to write his statement. Toga said she asked her colleague to sit with the two while she went to get a piece of paper.

When she returned she told the court she saw the two still hugging and Yavette crying. She said she gave the piece of paper to customs officer Fenton William and told him she was going to prepare the documentation.

She said as soon as she reached the sterile area she heard her colleague shouting for help. She than found John lying on the bench unconscious.

She told the court after 15 mins other medical teams from other yachts arrived on the scene to assist.

Toga said while they were assisting John, Yvette went down to their cabin washroom with a European lady from another yacht and brought out a small plastic container.

She said Yavette told them there must have been something in there that John had consumed.

John and Yvette Nikolic are jointly charged with two counts of possession of illicit drugs, one count of possession of arms and ammunition without a license and two counts of unlawful importation of illicit drugs.

It is alleged that the couple had imported 12.9 kilograms of cocaine and 34.4 grams of methamphetamine with an estimated value of between $20 million to $30 million.

It is also alleged that they failed to declare that they had in their possession two pistols with 112 rounds of live ammunition.

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