Peer pressure was what led Ratu Jeremaia to spend 6 years in prison, from 1971.

It was not where his parents thought he would end up – but Ratu Jeremaia says, that what’s more important is what he learnt from being in prison, and being received into the community after his term.

This is something he always shared with the youth back in his village.

Coming from a very spiritual background, Ratu Jeremaia spent 6 long years in prison for being in the wrong crowd.

“When I was still in school I had already committed myself to Prayer sessions. But when I finished school I got caught with friends and ended up drinking and I started going astray and got caught by the Law and went to jail for 6 years,” said Ratu Jeremaia Corikula – Yavusa Levukaidaku.

When in prison he never looked back and always thought to do something good.

“I went to jail in 1970 but was handed my sentence a year later in 11971. At that time they needed four if us to learn carpentry at Naboro, so we got attached with PWD, where I had been working to further our skills in Carpentry.”

As he looks back today, he tells the youths back home of what he has achieved which helped him alot when he came back to his community.

“Our first project was we built the school in Naboro, after that we built the health centre. We even built some houses on the hill for the police officers. After working in Naboro I was than transferred to some ore project work in Korovou.”

Ratu Jeremaia says attending the symposium will benefit him a lot as he takes back some important issues to relate to the youth in Matuku.

“What I would like to take from this workshop is some more tips and knowledge on what I can take back home to the youths in the village to help them to be law abiding citizens. We have a lot of youths in my village so some added assistance is all we need to keep them occupied.”

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