Representing the state, Assistant DPP, Lee Burney today cross examined Fiji Times Editor-in-Chief, Fred Wesley.

With regards to a Nai Lalakai Article printed by the Fiji Times that allegedly contained an article which had content with a seditious intention to promote feelings of ill will and hostility between classes of the population Burney asked the Fiji Times Editor if the board had ever put any limits on his authority as the editor.

Wesley said no.

Burney asked if there was no chance in hell that he would have allowed the letter in the Nai Lalakai to be published if he knew what was in the letter.

Wesley agreed and said that he would have asked for a translation and then referred it to their lawyers.

Burney suggested that Wesley was lying, he knew very well the content of the letter and that Wesley made a mistake regarding the Nai Lalakai article and he is now trying to cover it up.

Wesley said he had no knowledge about the publication. Wesley confirmed that he speaks the iTaukei language but he does not read iTaukei.

When asked on what language he uses in his meetings with Anare Ravula, Wesley said that they conversed in the English and iTaukei languages during their meetings.

The second defence witness for Fred Wesley was the security guard for Professional Security at Fiji Times Limited.

The security guard, Vonitiasi Rakuma told the lawyer for Wesley, Marc Corlette that he was familiar with Josaia Waqabaca.

Rakuma said that Waqabaca used to come and deliver his letters and the security guard used to call the Nai Lalakai department to tell them that Waqabaca was there.

Rakuma said that sometimes Anare Ravula came out to collect the letter.

The third defence witness was the Fiji Times Assistant IT manager.

He was shown a document in court which he recognised and said it was the same document sent to him by Pongrass Australia.

Pongrass is a software that is used by the Fiji Times.

Corlette asked who had put the letter in question into the system he replied it was Anare Ravula.

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