A week-long workshop on Bio-Fouling is currently held in Suva with 30 Participants from 15 Pacific Regions in Attendance.

Bio-fouling occurs when organisms attach and grow on the submerged parts of a vessel like the hull, propellers, anchors and fishing gear.
Principal Scientists -Graeme Inglis of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand is facilitating the Bio-Fouling workshop.

He says there are two main ways that harmful marine organisms get spread by shipping, one of those is in the ballast water contained within the vessel and the other is bio-fouling which is in the plants and animals that grow on the bottom of the ship if its not well protected by the anti-fouling coating.

The organizers hope the training will help allow participants to learn preventative measure and guidelines that can be able to  this issue.

The Workshop is funded by the International maritime Organization and coordinated by SPREP and MSAF


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