“We will strive to have a good gender mix in our Candidate Line-Up”

This were the words of Hope Party President, Tupou Draunidalo as her Party gears up for this years General Elections.

“We strive to have a good mix of, there might be some who are not as young as others are and there will be young fresher faces and will of cause strive for a gender mix,” said Tupou Draunidalo-Hope Party President.

In striving to form a coalition come Post-Election, Draunidalo said they don’t like talking about it because they think they will be overtaking the Voters role.

“I don’t like discussing Pre and Post arrangements is cause we think we’re overtaking the voters role, will let them decide, they got quite few weeks to decide and the last Tebutt Poll in the Fiji Times said 42 percent had not expressed their view either to any Party, in that case such a big number and that has a majority. We should respect their wishes, let them make the decision and we should respect their wishes, let them make the decision and when the time comes Parties will do what’s necessary.”

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