“We will not rest until everyone involved in this attack is arrested, and if you want to support the attacks against police officers, stand ready to face the consequences when the law takes its course”.

The Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho issued the warning following an attack on four officers this morning in Nabua.

Police Constables Waisale Senikavika, Ronald Kumar, Robakibau Drotini and Special ConstableTalikai Kavou based at the Southern Highway Division were on routine patrol at around 2am this morning when they sighted the occupants of two vehicles acting in a suspicious manner and when approached they saw that the men were allegedly armed.

They two groups fled the scene in their car and the officers gave chase which ended at the Mead Road Housing where it is alleged the two vehicles blocked the police car from the front and rear. The occupants of the two vehicles allegedly struck the police car with iron rods while others stoned the vehicle while the officers were still inside, unable to get out.

While back up was being called in, driver PC Senikavika said he kept moving the vehicle to try and maneuver the car from where it was wedged between the private vehicles while the attacks continued whereby the Police car sustained extensive damage.

In a matter of minutes close to 60 officers from various Southern Division Units arrived at the scene to assist their comrades whereby six men were arrested. Five men are being questioned while one has been taken to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital for medical treatment.

The hunt is now on for others who are alleged to be involved.

Brigadier General Qiliho praised the actions of the officers who remained steadfast in the execution of their duties amidst the terrifying ordeal.

He has warned that officers will not rest until all those involved are arrested for attacking the officers.

“The reality is that when close to 900,000 of Fiji’s population are tucked away safely in their beds at night, we are out there working hard to keep everyone safe, and it is extremely disappointing to receive a 3rd report of an attack in less than two weeks against police the very officers who are working hard to keep everyone safe”.

“More than 1000 officers are conducting beat and mobile patrols throughout the night throughout the four divisions and last night 200 officers were out conducting operations in the Southern Division and when someone attacks one officer it affects our operations because if an officer is injured it affects our manpower, and if a resource asset is damaged it impacts our service delivery”.

The Commissioner is also concerned about the involvement of those alleged to have assisted the group in attacking the officers.

“The four officers were in pursuit of the suspects in the car and to know that there were others from nearby that assisted the occupants in the attack against the officers will not be condoned and we will get every last person that was involved in this cowardly attack”

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