We are here to serve.

Those were the words of the Minister for Infrastructure Jone Usamate during his visit to to the NDMO warehouse to meet with staffs at the Vatunibale depot in Labasa yesterday.

Usamate spent some time speaking with staff drawing their attention to their main responsibilities as service men and women.

Challenges helps us move forward.

Those were somewhat the comments by Usamate as he met with the workers who were all ears during his deliverance.

The Minister did not mince his words when reminding the workers about who they owe their services to.

He reminded them of their primary roles.

Usamate stressed the importance of the provision of service to the Fijian people, urging the workers to understand that even though challenges will come their way, they must not loose sight of their primary goal.

The Minister who also served as the Minister for Health last year likened the life of an overseas nurse who’s story was conveyed to him, and he thought was appropriate to share with the workers.

The story mirrored the very life of what a man or woman of service should portray.

Usamate was accompanied by his assistant minister Vijay Nath .


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