The Water Authority of Fiji is working towards restoring water supply to the elevated areas of Wailoku and Savura.

The Authority understands that forty-four households have been without proper water supply for almost a week and is working around the clock to rectify the issue.

Presently, WAF crew members have been conducting verification works as well as conducting pipe realignments with the aim of getting water supply back to normal.

While conducting these verifications, WAF officials discovered a piece of soapstone blocking the valve key near the Savura Community Police Post. Upon the removal of the stone, water began to flow into the reticulation system, but only for only several hundred metres, as pressure weakened as the demand increased.

Further verifications were conducted and pressure was still an issue in the area. Thus, WAF crew members had to resort to flushing the whole line. After the flushing of the whole system, the end of mains and elevated areas still had weak to no water pressure.

It is assumed that foreign objects may have intruded into the system. The source of these blockages is still to be determined. WAF is working to locate and remove all blockages within the system.

The Authority deeply apologises for the inconvenience caused to its customers in the area.

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