With riverbank erosion being a rising issue for communities in Fiji, villagers of Vunibau in Serua witnessed the start of development plans that will protect the Navua riverbank from further erosion.

Minister for Waterways, Hon. Dr Mahendra Reddy today commissioned the construction of river banks protection works that has been a matter of concern for the villagers who live near the riverbank.

“Since most of the towns and rural communities in Fiji are situated along riverbanks, they are vulnerable to potential climate change impacts of increasing sea levels, cyclones, and more frequent and intense rainfall,” Minister Reddy said.

A Government assistance of $561,292.23 will be provided for the 408m long riverbank protection works that will be constructed by Yandra Viti Investment Ltd within a period of 150 days.

The Ministry aims to have more future waterway inspections around the country.

“The Ministry of Waterways is now examining and mapping all our waterways and over the next 4 years, we will undertake a number of measures not only to protect our waterways but to ensure it contributes to social and economic development of Fiji,” Minister Reddy said.

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