It is offensive to display vulgar signage and stickers on vehicles.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA)has recently received complaints from members of the public who have expressed disappointment at few vehicles on the roads which have rude bumper stickers.

LTA is strongly discouraging motor vehicle owners from having stickers which have swear words or offensive things on them as this is a matter of general community respect.

As such, the motor vehicle owners are being requested to be considerate and are urged not to use offensive stickers on their vehicles as they drive it in public which could be an eye-sore or offensive for others.

Additionally, LTA has also noted some Public Service Vehicles (PSV) displaying the rude bumper stickers.

Everyone deserves respect in the community and no one deserves to have offensive slogans in traffic.

The Land Transport Authority, Board Chairperson, Vijay Maharaj, said these stickers which have profanity give rise to misogynistic and sexist mentality which LTA does not condone.

Furthermore, LTA will not hesitate to take action against driver or vehicle owners who have such decals pasted on their vehicles. A Traffic Infringement Notice (TINs) for the same maybe issued.

“When putting such stickers please be mindful of the people that will be reading/seeing it, road users are of all age and ethnicity we must respect them,” Maharaj stressed.

“Bear in mind, children who are very sharp will remember whatever is written and may end up saying it to someone else.”

Meanwhile, Maharaj is also urging other road users to play their part and text to 582 the details of vehicles with explicit stickers.

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