The Viti Mini Buses Association this week announced their new schedule for Suva, Nadi, Lautoka and return trips for both their Suva operation.

Realising the demand for their service members of the association have opted to increase the presences of their mini buses on the road thus increasing convenience for commuters along the Queens Highway.

Association President, Bola Saumaka said the new schedule will ensure people living along the stretch of the Queens Highway from Suva to Lautoka will have a mini bus at hand whenever they wish to travel.

“At the moment we have an hourly service and most of the time the vehicles are full when they leave base and have no room for those wishing to travel along the highway. But now we have reduced our turnaround time to 30 minutes each way with available seats and I assure the general public that we are here to serve and we will provide only the best,” he said.

 “I want to assure the travelling public that we are safe and we are here to serve everyone who wishes to travel with us,” Saumaka said. 

“We are trialling this arrangement for our Suva operation and will initiate the same for our Lautoka base but as it is we have seen an improvement and an increase in numbers of our passengers. 

‘We are confident that the travelling public will embrace the change as noticed during the first few days of the new schedule. This new schedule however only applies for the day service and night service will remain at hourly intervals,”  Saumaka clarifies. 

Viti Mini Bus currently has more than a hundred members in both the Central Division and have given assurance that they will leave no one behind with their new schedule.


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