Vinod Patel employers managed to plant a total of 250 fruit trees.

Vinod Patel and Company limited planted 1103 trees to launch their ‘Plant a tree,Plant a life’ project at  Monfort Boys Town in Lami today.

The project is part of the Vinod Patel Foundation Green initiative program and is a collaboration between the mentioned company, the Ministry of Forestry and the administrators of Monfort Boys Town.

Latileta Qoro, Vinod Patel’s Group manager Governance and Corporate Affairs  said this initiative is an opportunity for them to re-balance their contribution to deforestation through their through its merchandised home and living wooden products.

The team managed to plant a total of 853 Mahogany trees.eforestation through the company’s merchandised home and living wooden products.

Ministry of Forestry’s ‘Rehabilitation of Degraded Forest’s project forestry officer Maleli Nakasava  said Vinod Patel’s contribution will enhance their efforts in achieving their goal of the ‘Plant 4 million trees in 4 years initiative that was launched earlier this year.

Their contribution will be recorded under the corporate business contribution category in its project database.

Mean while Vinod Patel’s Executive Management member Atin Patel is challenging other corporate businesses to join them and make this project a movement where corporate businesses are more environmentally cautious.




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