Research in Fiji shows it takes two and half years which is 868 days for a Woman to Report violence.Victim Blaming has also further Hindered Women from Reporting Violence and Seeking Justice.

So far 8 Women have lost their lives due to Gender-Based violence in the Country.

And with comments coming from Social Media now regarding the issue, Fiji Women’s Crisis Center Coordinator- Shamima Ali says there should be zero tolerance on the matter and it should be called Out.

Ali says with social media and the kind of comments, its amazing how heartless people are when women are concerned when terrible things happen to women and how they do blame they  woman, she must have done something, she was video calling a man and he heard it and he chopped her to pieces, argued too much, Yelewa Wacece, we hear all this even at the funerals some of us have been there the kind of comments going on.

She says there should be zero tolerance for such comments and shes talked about being a bystander and if you hear anyone talking about i,t don’t give into it.

She says the Stigma and Culture of Silence Needs to End, its very important that we speak up and we have to create that environment where  they are safe and that environment starts with our families.

She added the responding agencies have to be trained and they have to know how to deal with women survivors.

A call has been made to all communities in the country to provide support to women who they know are experiencing Violence.


























































































































































































































































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