The University of the South Pacific is beginning to work with the Government to set up a standardized system of Qualification.

This was revealed by USP Vice Chancellor and President -Professor Pal Ahluwalia.

He says one of the issues currently faced is on the Different levels of Qualification for Teachers.

“Universities also have a role of expanding the economy, the way we can do that by providing highly qualified individuals who go into the economy. I think one of the issues we have currently in education, particularly with teacher education is there are different levels of qualification. We don’t have a standardized system where you know you need a degree to become a teacher, some can go into the profession with a diploma, one can go in with a certificate others can go into TVET. I think  there are some work, we are already beginning this work with Government” 

Professor Ahluwalia says the other issues is on the pay rate for Teachers.

“I have also talked to the Government that equally we need yo look at the pay rate and of coz we have to pay teachers significantly more, if we are gonna attract the best minds to teaching, we as a society have to be committed to making sure we pay the right kind of rates for teachers but equally for nurses”

He says at the end of the day he wants the University to have a Role in Expanding the economy of the country.

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