Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Jone Usamate while speaking to employers in Nadi and Lautoka has emphasized that employers who will be operating during this Friday’s public holiday – Constitution Day is to remunerate their workers in accordance with the provisions of public holiday remuneration under the Employment Relations Act.
“This Friday is a public holiday, and during this Constitution Day, employers operating are reminded to pay the workers their public holiday pay. However, for workers from the 10 sectors who work during this public holiday, employers are to pay them in accordance with the provisions of the respective Wages Regulations”.
“If a worker does not work in Constitution Day and has worked the normal working day before and normal working day after, then the worker us entitled to public holiday pay”
Usamate reiterates that if they are unable to attend work before and after the public holiday their absence should be verified by a medical certificate or any other cause acceptable to the employer.
The Minister highlighted that the Employment Relations Act states that a worker must be paid in respect of each public holiday for the number of hours which the worker would normally have worked on that day had it not been a public holiday.
Workers and employers must clearly understand this and seek clarifications from the Ministry if they are unsure of any issues related to their terms and conditions of employment.


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