7:05pm: FULLTIME – Fiji 27 Uruguay 30

TRY!!! Fiji will have a scrum. Best case scenario sees Fiji lose by one.

Time is well up. Matawali goes for the line, and the try is given!!!

Volavola will have a shot at goal, but Fiji will still lose! The kick is wide, Uruguay win by three!!!

7:02pm: 81 mins – Fiji 22 Uruguay 30

Into the final minute, and Fiji have a penalty. They choose to run it inside Uruguay’s 22.

Volavola goes for the tryline but comes up short, or does he? We’ll go upstairs. On-field decision is no try.

No try it is, we’ll go back for a penalty for Fiji.

6:58pm: 78 mins – Fiji 22 Uruguay 30

Matavesi is through and has two to beat! He looks for the offload, but the ball is knocked on! Uruguay clear into touch, but we’ll go back for a scrum.

Fiji give away a penalty at the scrum. Uruguay kick for touch and will have a lineout.

6:55pm: 76 mins – Fiji 22 Uruguay 30

Penalty! Berchesi slots the ball down the middle! Fiji need to score twice in the last five minutes to keep their World Cup alive!!!

6:54pm: 75 mins – Fiji 22 Uruguay 27

Uruguay lineout. Kessler throws and Leindekar takes it. Uruguay slowing play right down now.

Freitas goes down the blindside, before Berchesi puts the bomb up. Volavola brings it down.

Fiji give the ball away though and Uruguay can attack. Berchesi kicks along the ground this time, Volavola tidies up again.

The ball goes back for the clearance, Etcheverry returns fire and Uruguay win it. Fiji give away a penalty for not rolling away!!!

This could seal the game for the South Americans!

6:47pm: 69 mins – Fiji 22 Uruguay 27

TRY!!! Uruguay lineout, but Matawalu rips the ball away and Fiji have it. Botia has a run with his first touch of the ball. Vatuba does well to beat his man and make some serious metres.

Fiji five metres out. The forwards want the pick and go, before Matawalu sells a classic dummy to score! Huge kick coming up now, will Volavola be given the tee?

He will, his first attempt of the match. He can’t hit the target either! Fiji trail by five!

6:40pm: 61 mins – Fiji 17 Uruguay 27

Penalty! Uruguay on the front foot inside the Fiji half! Gattas has a run as the forwards force the issue. They go wide out to Civetta, who throws the ball back inside to no one. Uruguay pounce on the loose ball though, 11 phases in.

Berchesi and Freitas wrap, but Fiji read it like a book. Uruguay win a penalty though as Radradra leaves his feet. What do Uruguay do? They want the points.

Berchesi with a shot from in front, and slots it straight down the middle! Uruguay ahead by 10!

6:34pm: 57 mins – Fiji 17 Uruguay 24

Uruguay want the points, Berchesi will take the shot, his effort is wide and Fiji will attack from behind their own posts.

Volavola acting as the first-five and bringing some real urgency to the Fiji attack.

They look to go wide, but spill the ball in the tackle. We’ll go back for a penalty against Uruguay though.

6:32pm: 55 mins – Fiji 17 Uruguay 24

Uruguay run from the back of their own scrum, but Mieres throws a forward pass to give Fiji a scrum.

Ben Volavola is on for Fiji, replacing Veitokani. It looks like he’ll move into first-five, Matavesi shifting to fullback.

Fiji run from their scrum as Radradra goes wide to Goneva, but he loses the ball. Uruguay try and run before Fiji win it back!

Radradra acts as playmaker again out on the left this time, but the ball is dropped and Uruguay counter.

Vilaseca kicks to no one at the back for Fiji. Nakosi has a run, but is tackled, and gives away a penalty for playing the ball on the ground!

6:26pm: 49 mins – Fiji 17 Uruguay 24

TRY!!! Fiji go close as Ratuva bursts up the middle! He’s tackled just short of the line, before his locking partner Ratuniyarawa is there to crash over the line!

Big try with a kick to come from in front, Matavesi again. This time he misses to the right side!

6:23pm: 46 mins – Fiji 12 Uruguay 24

Penalty for Fiji as Radradra is taken out without the ball. Fiji want the points.

Matavesi with a crucial kick here, but he hooks it to the left of the uprights! Fiji still with a mountain to climb!

6:19pm: 43 mins – Fiji 12 Uruguay 24

Fiji come close as Nakosi breaks down the left wing, he looks for the pass back inside, but Freitas is there to intercept and clears into touch! Fiji lineout.

They win the lineout, before Dolokoto spills the ball in the attempted wrap around. Uruguay scrum now.

6:17pm: 41 mins – Fiji 12 Uruguay 24

We’re back after the break, Fiji with a lot to do in the second spell.

Uruguay looking for a famous victory. Matavesi kicks off to start the second 40.

6:02pm: HALFTIME – Fiji 12 Uruguay 24

That’s halftime, Uruguay holding onto a shock lead over the Flying Fijians!

Can they come back in the second half, or are Uruguay about to create history? Find out soon…

6:00pm: 38 mins – Fiji 12 Uruguay 24

Penalty! Uruguay really looking dangerous to end the first half. Silva has a dart down the left, before Uruguay move towards Fiji’s 22.

Berchesi tries to step though as Uruguay get through 10 phases. There’s a clash of heads, Cat is staying down for Uruguay, and it looks nasty.

The referee stops the game straight away. He’s sitting up, and will go for a concussion test. That high shot has earned Uruguay a penalty though, and they want the points.

Berchesi lines up the kick, and it’s good!

5:53pm: 34 mins – Fiji 12 Uruguay 21

Uruguay claiming another try! A kick through has everyone off guard, Berchesi gets there first and looks to have grounded the ball short of the line, before Freitas pounces on the loose ball. The referee says no try, but we’ll check the TMO.

No try it is, it was indeed a knock on. Fiji scrum.

5:50pm: 32 mins – Fiji 12 Uruguay 21

Fiji now just wanting to keep ball in hand, even in their own half. Matavesi kicks deep to Bochesi, who spills the ball with no pressure on whatsoever! Fiji scrum.

Fiji go wide from the scrum where Nakosi fends off Mieres. Fiji go to the other wing now, before Waqaniburotu spills the ball!

Uruguay scrum.

5:46pm: 28 mins – Fiji 12 Uruguay 21

TRY!!! What a try that is! Fiji let a kick bounce, only for Uruguay to pounce on it, before going wide to centre Juan Manuel Cat.

Cat lives up to his name, slipping past multiple tackles and scores!

Berchesi’s kick is good, and Uruguay find themselves nine in front!

5:41pm: 24 mins – Fiji 12 Uruguay 14

TRY!!! Uruguay lineout and the forwards go for the drive close to Fiji’s line. They’ve got the advantage too as Fiji collapse the maul, but they knock on so we go back for the penalty and another lineout.

Kessler throws, and this time they want to run. Manuel Diana picks and goes, and he’s helped over the line by captain Gaminara for a try!

The kick is good from Berchesi, and Uruguay are in front again!

5:37pm: 20 mins – Fiji 12 Uruguay 7

TRY!!! Fiji scrum after Uruguay knock on, ripping the ball away from Veitokani. Uruguay then give away a penalty at the scrum, Sanguinetti the culprit.

Fiji lineout on the 22. “Uruguay” chants go up around the stadium. Dolokoto and Senioli combine from the lineout and nearly crash through, before Fiji go wide.

The ball then goes wide to the left as the forwards pick and go, Mawi has a crack and the try is given! Uruguay protest, but the referee is certain. Fiji hit back straight away!

Matavesi with his second kick, and this time he gets it perfect!

5:32pm: 16 mins – Fiji 5 Uruguay 7

TRY!!! What’s happened there?! Fiji throwing the ball around, only to lose the ball, before Uruguay’s Kessler claims it. He gets the pass away to halfback Arata, who then beats three defenders to score under the posts!

The conversion is good from Berchesi, and Uruguay have the lead!

5:30pm: 13 mins – Fiji 5 Uruguay 0

Fiji win their own lineout, and the forwards want some front foot ball. Radradra looks for a wide ball to Veitokani, but the pass is nearly intercepted by Freitas. The Uruguay winger can’t hold on though.

Fiji scrum.

5:28pm: 11 mins – Fiji 5 Uruguay 0

Fiji knock on, Nakosi the culprit and Uruguay have advantage. First-five Berchesi tries the show and go, unsuccessfully.

Arata puts a box kick up before Uruguay give a penalty away for offside at the kick.

5:26pm: 9 mins – Fiji 5 Uruguay 0

TRY!!! Fiji open the scoring from a brilliant set play! Dolokoto throws to the lineout, before the Fiji forwards appear to go for the drive.

Nakarawa peels off the back though, and finds Dolokoto unmarked, the hooker has no issue and scores unmarked in the corner!

Matavesi can’t quite nail the kick from the sideline though.

5:24pm: 7 mins – Fiji 0 Uruguay 0

Fiji with their first real chance inside Uruguay’s half, as Matavesi tries to chip over the top, Uruguay do well to recover it though.

Arata box kicks, but the ball stays in and Fiji can run. Nakarawa finds Nakosi, who’s tackled into touch. Uruguay go with the quick throw in, and want to run the ball.

Uruguay knock on though and Fiji can counter. Radradra throws a wide pass out to Nakosi, who loses the ball in contact. Uruguay go deep again to Veitokani, he kicks over the top, regathers and finds Voka out on the left, Uruguay give a penalty away though. Fiji want the lineout.

5:21pm: 4 mins – Fiji 0 Uruguay 0

Uruguay win their own lineout, before winger Freitas loses the ball in the tackle. Fiji scrum.

Seniloli feeds, but the front rows collapse. Feeds again and Fiji go wide off the back out to Nakosi, we go back for a scrum penalty though, Uruguay collapsing.

Matavesi clears into touch and Fiji will have a lineout.

5:18pm: 1 min – Fiji 0 Uruguay 0

Veitokani takes the kickoff and lets Radradra run! Fiji with a quick advantage before Matavesi kicks into touch.

Uruguay lineout.

5:17pm: KICKOFF – Fiji 0 Uruguay 0

We’re away as Uruguay’s Berchesi gets us going in Kamaishi!


The anthems are done, Fiji will perform their cibi before we kick off.


Both teams in the sheds for their final preparations. We’ll pay tribute to the lives lost in the devastating tsunami suffered by Kamaishi in 2011 before kickoff.


Welcome along to Kamaishi! Fiji and Uruguay all ready to battle it out for some Group D points this afternoon.


Having gotten the better of Australia for the opening hour of their first match of this year’s Rugby World Cup, the Flying Fijians today have a chance to notch their first victory of the tournament.

Coach John McKee has shuffled the deck from the team that lost 39-21 to the Wallabies, just three players from the starting side returning to the field today.

Uruguay meanwhile finally kick off their tournament, only Canada and USA facing a longer wait to play their first match.

These two sides also met in the last Rugby World Cup four years ago, Fiji taking a 47-15 victory on that occasion.


Fiji: 15. Alivereti Veitokani, 14. Filipo Nakosi, 13. Semi Radradra, 12. Jale Vatubua, 11. Vereniki Goneva, 10. Josh Matavesi, 9. Henry Seniloli, 8. Leone Nakarawa, 7. Mosese Voka, 6. Dominiko Waqaniburotu (c), 5. Api Ratuniyarawa, 4. Tevita Ratuva, 3. Manasa Saulo, 2. Mesulame Dolokoto, 1. Eroni Mawi.

Reserves: 16. Tuvere Vugakoto, 17. Campese Ma’afu, 18. Lee-Roy Atalifo, 19. Tevita Cavubati, 20. Samuel Matavesi, 21. Nikola Matawalu, 22. Ben Volavola, 23. Levani Botia.

Uruguay: 15. Gaston Mieres, 14. Nicolas Freitas, 13. Juan Manuel Cat, 12. Andres Vilaseca, 11. Rodrigo Silva, 10. Felipe Berchesi, 9. Santiago Arata, 8. Manuel Diana, 7. Santiago Civetta, 6. Juan Manuel Gaminara (c), 5. Manuel Leindekar, 4. Ignacio Dotti, 3. Diego Arbelo, 2. German Kessler, 1. Mateo Sanguinetti.

Reserves: 16. Guillermo Pujadas, 17. Facundo Gattas, 18. Juan Pedro Rombys, 19. Franco Lamanna, 20. Juan Diego Ormaechea, 21. Agustin Ormaechea, 22. Felipe Etcheverry, 23. Tomas Inciarte.


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