With their Slogan “People First”- Unity Fiji is confident of a good result for their Party as Fiji heads to the Polls on November 14th.

Party Leader, Savenaca Narube said this years Election will be the most “Critical one in Fiji’s History”

Narube has confirmed that his target of 51 Provisional Candidates from his Party might not be possible as Candidate Nominations close next week Monday.

Unity Fiji Leader-Savenaca Narube has confirmed that as they work on their nominations and Provisional Candidate line-up, the target for 51 might not be the end result.

Their set target now is 40 Provisional candidates.

“But I think realistically now in the eleventh hour we will not get 51, we still hope we can do it, realistic now but we wont be able to reach 51, there certain issues there, we’ve been discussing the possibility of a coalition just joint candidates, partnership under one banner unfortunately that hasn’t happened,” said Savenaca Narube-Party Leader-Unity Fiji.

Even though his Party was established in July last year, Narube said Unity Fiji will surprise a lot of people.

“Unity Fiji will surprise a lot of people, why I say that is that we bring fresh thinking, we are not going to say go out and campaign and finger point anybody, I think that should not be the intentions of anybody. We look at policies, we look at what should be done, we look at our strength we bring, that the only way will do it, so we actually confident will be in government.”

Their candidate line-up boast experience and youth with a gender and ethnic balance.

“We have a good balance of gender balance that we wanted, we wont reach the gender balance but we really are aiming for, so we’ve settled for some 25 percent perhaps, and we also have a balance between experience and youth which is very important for us. We need to pass the baton now to the young people now to lead. For me this is just my first career into politics and it’ll be my last.”

Narube has also confirmed their Manifesto will be ready by this week.

He has encouraged all voters in Fiji to make wise decisions and to come out in numbers to vote.

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