TWO members of the Real Estate Agents Licensing Board have been officially reappointed in the Board by the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism (MITT).
Abdul Hassan has been reappointed for another two years as the chairman of the Board while Hemant Kumar has been appointed as his deputy.

The other two newly appointed members include Unise Druavesi from MITT and Mary Motofaga who is the Principal Legal Officer from the Office of the Attorney General.

REALB Chairman, Dr Abdul Hassan has welcomed the Ministry’s decision to fill the vacant positions with two new members in the Board.

“For all four members the appointment is for two years which is effective from last month. Having new members with different backgrounds would assist in the decision making of the Board and looking after the real estate industry in Fiji,” Hassan said.

“Our new member, Mary Motofaga is from legal background and she would assist in resolving the legal matters in our Board meetings.

It is likely that a fifth member will be appointed in the Board soon to fulfill the requirement under the provisions of the Real Estate Licensing Act.

In the past years the activities of the Board have been improved particularly when dealing with illegal and bogus agents and sales persons.

The effort of the Board is to continue in this area to make the real estate industry safe and secure for all stakeholders. Scrutinizing the applicants before granting them license to become an agent, salesperson or branch managers is a major challenge for the Board.

Dr Hassan said the Board is well supported by the Honorable Minister and the Ministry staff to achieve its objectives and improve the real estate dealings in Fiji.

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