The general public is being reminded of the Ban on the harvest, sale, possession and transport of sea turtles, their eggs or any part of product of sea turtles.

This is under Regulation 5 of the Offshore Fisheries Management Regulations 2014.

The Ministry of Fisheries wishes to remind the public that penalties for any breach of the ban will result in instant fines with the potential of up to $50,000 for individuals and $100,000 for business entities.

The specific ban applies to the killing, taking, landing, selling or offering or exposing for sale, dealing in, transporting, receiving or possessing any of the sea turtle species.

These include the Leatherback sea turtle, Green sea turtle, Loggerhead sea turtle, Hawksbill sea turtle and Olive Ridley sea turtle.

The ministry will be coming down hard on those caught not adhering to the ban in place.

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