For Fololita Sila of Tonga the massive impact of Tropical Cyclone Gita last year left  an Estimated recovery and reconstruction costs of US$149 million, causing the 2 Deaths , 41 Injured and at least 171 homes Destroyed.

Sila was among 40 Regional Participants at the Launch of  the International Organization for Migration- Climate change and Migration Project held in Suva this week.

The 3 year Project is focused on helping Pacific Island Governments to address challenges associated with Climate change and Disaster Related Migration in the Region. Due to the impact of Climate Change Tonga is now experiencing a frequent occurrence of cyclones now more than before.

Sila says her country is now working towards an adaptation plan and Projects to combat this issue. Since the 1950’s an estimated 9.2 Million people have been affected by natural Disasters in the Pacific Region.

The Project is funded by the UN Trust fund for Human security and will target Fiji, Kriribati,Tuvalau, Marshall Islands and Vanuatu.

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