As the transport regulator the LTA wishes to ensure a vibrant, economically successful and thriving bus industry in Fiji.

This is to the benefit of all Fijians particularly those in remote or rural areas where transport choices are limited by virtue of location.

Other modes of transport must equally enjoy vibrancy and economic success in their particular sector whether that is taxi, minibus, licenced carrier or RSL transport.

All of these modes of transport play an indispensable part of everyday life in Fiji and are valued by this Authority and the entire Fijian population.

The decision by Westbus to announce in today’s print media of a planned disruption to services on Thursday 11th April comes as a huge disappointment to this Authority. 

This action by Westbus will intentionally discommode thousands of customers of the transport network.

Today the LTA have spoken with the proprietor of Westbus, Ajay Kumar who has been made aware of our disapproval of the planned strike action for tomorrow.

Kumar has been advised in writing of the following:

The reasons for this planned disruption to your services are wholly within your direct control and therefore we urge you to address these issues to ensure that customers are not discommoded through the guerrilla actions being planned in advance by your company.

If your services are disrupted in any way tomorrow or any other day your company will be called to an LTA PSV Board “show cause” meeting at the earliest possible opportunity at which your Licence/s could be suspended, varied or revoked for non-operation of your services in accordance with your RRL Licence.

This matter and the public threats you have issued in the print media where you have been quoted are taken very seriously by this Authority.

The LTA emphasise your misfortune is caused by matters entirely within your direct control not by any outside factors.

It is in your power to stop this planned action.

Do not inconvenience or inflict unnecessary suffering on your customers.

In the event that you disregard this warning by the LTA and proceed with this planned action by your company we will institute emergency measures to ensure that your customers are transported to and from their place of Education and employment.

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