The family of the deceased brothers who were victims of the tragic accident in Nabou on Saturday are not happy about the use of social media in particular Facebook where pictures of the deceased victims of the accident were circulated.

The family were shattered when they found out through Facebook that two family members were lying lifeless on the road following the accident.

They are appealing to the general public to respect the privacy of victims and families of such tragic incidents.

The family of Sanaila Ruitoka and Atilai Ruitoka two of the six that are now deceased following the highway accident that shook the country on Saturday are slowly coming to terms with their loss. The family invited FijiOne news into their home to voice their concern regarding the use of face book in the circulation of pictures and videos of those that were involved in the tragic accident.

“What we saw on Facebook really hurt me and my family. It questions our culture, showing no respect and remorse for a family that lost a loved one.

The family had this to ask those who took and circulated pictures and videos of the unfortunate tragedy with life less bodies on the road.” said Sakeasi Radibi – Uncle.

“Where is our custom behavior we are known for, the respect for one another. It was painful to see those pictures on face book. This child’s dad was the one in the front seat leaning to his side lifeless.”

The family was also unhappy about the commentary on social media by a parent of a certain school talking about about the tragic accident.

“It was unbearable for us with these pictures and videos circulated all over the social media platform. Even as far as comments by a lady describing the event in an offensive manner. It is always a great sorrow when such incidents happen, where is empathy.”

The family is also questioning the motive behind the removal of personal items from the bodies of the deceased at the accident scene on Saturday. This items according to the family were never found, this were wallets, mobile phones and even a wedding ring.

“The police arrived later to the scene, these kids lost their wallets, Sanaila’s bag and other personal items were removed. The wedding ring was not spared either, this is not acceptable.”

A day after the accident, the site was still buzzing with people who came to pay their respect and perhaps witness what is now left as a powerful reminder of a high price paid when motorists fail to heed the warning that tragedy is imminent.

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