The truth will eventually prevail!

These were the words of SODELPA MP Niko Nawaikula as he highlighted the results of the elections.

Nawaikula said that he is disappointed that SODELPA lost the elections as he believes that they should have been in government to do a lot of things as he believes that there are so many things that the nation needs.

“From the results to me the first clear message from the result is that the public does not want that side of the house. You don’t even have the majority, 50.02 percent you should be ashamed ! you should be humbled by that, you should no longer be arrogant.”

Nawaikula says the Fiji First government have been handing out freebies and handouts and that this should have landed them with 51 seats.

He adds these handouts were done by government to buy votes, however the public are much clever now.

“The second things that the election is telling me is voting is very much along racial lines. The Indo Fijians for the insecurity voted Fiji-first abandoning NFP and Labor. The results tell me that the public out there are not embracing the Fiji First policy of equal citizenry.”

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