National Federation Party Leader – Professor Biman Prasad, told government parliamentarians to talk about the future, as people do not want to hear about their personal grievances, and about the 1987 coup.

Prasad says people do not want to hear about Rabuka and the SVT government.

He says the Prime Minister and his party spent the whole election campaign – demonizing SODELPA and attacking the NFP.

“Perhaps this is what won them the election. But this does not make Fiji a better place. It leaves us more divided. And it is now continuing the same vitriol and venom in this honorable House. The Government’s MPs have spent this debate attacking the Opposition side, demonizing the SODELPA side and the new Leader of the Opposition. And I am now asking them – respectfully – to stop this.  The election campaign has left Fiji bitterly divided, including on ethnic lines.  Do not reinforce this division in this place. I want to say to them, Madam Speaker, you are the government. You have won the election. Be gracious. Be generous. Talk about the future.  The people want to hear about the future.” -National Federation Party Leader – Professor Biman Prasad

He also responded to remarks made by Minister for Employment, Youth and Sports – Parveen Bala, questioning if NFP had entered into a coalition arrangement with SODELPA, at midnight on election night.

“The answer is that we did not – but why ask such a silly question? Then he accused SODELPA of being greedy for wanting the return of the 1997 Constitution. He has joined the Fiji First Party chorus against that Constitution. They have attacked that Constitution. Fiji First has attacked the Great Council of Chiefs and its role in that Constitution.”

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