The Fijian Elections Office will be perusing legal avenues regarding incorrect information about the Voters Roll put up on social media.

The Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem yesterday highlighted his concerns on information posted on Facebook by SODELPA advocate Jale Baba.

“This sort of behavior will only lead to misinformation regarding the whole election process and this is not the time to joke around. This is the time to be serious about election, time to be serious about the voters register and if you intend to mislead voters, through any means the Fijian Elections office will always ensure that we have the best interest on voters in our actions and we will come out with clarifications and we will ensure that the full strength of the law is used on individuals who attempt to undermine the election process through mis-information.”

Speaking to Fiji One News, Baba admitted he made a mistake however says the error made by him had nothing to do with the SODELPA Party.

“At the press conference there was a lot of reference to the SODELPA party. I wish to state categorically that, that statement was made by myself and had nothing to do with the party. Secondly Supervisor of Elections was right. The error was mine and I apologize. I had no intention or no malicious intention that is why I took the post down when I found out the error.”

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