Tell the Fijian families the truth about the national budget!

Leader of opposition Ro Teimumu Kepa in her response to the 2018-2019 national budget in parliament this morning called on the Fiji First government to be truthful about figures in the budget.

“When the minister for economy told us that they have achieved 9 straight years of economic growth, that is quite unprecedented.

We know madam speaker and the people of Fiji know that this is far from the truth. It is our job as the opposition to tell Fijian families the truth, that in the past 12 years of Fiji first running the country the GDP growth rate from December 2006 to 2018 in reality in 2.3 percent.”

Ro Teimumu reiterated that it is the opposition’s duty to the Fijian people to tell them the truth about the outlook of the national budget.

“The Minister for economy is always boasting about operating a surplus when in actual fact is is a far smaller one. people are not easily fooled anymore The people experience high cost of living, after debt levels intensify, they sure are filling their pockets.”

Responses to the 2018-2019 National budget continue in parliament today.

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