Following the announcement of the grace period for the return of the provisional taxi permits from ‘ineligible’ recipients, the Land Transport Authority has announced that a re-draw will take place for applicants, who were previously unsuccessful in the barrel draw, held on the twenty-eighth of July 2018.

The re-draw will give honest Fijians who missed out in the first barrel draw, the opportunity to be awarded taxi permits, that were obtained dishonestly by some recipients.

The re-drawn permits will be made available, based on the quota within each transport zone.

Successful applicants who have been granted provisional taxi permits, during the barrel draw on 28 July 2018, after filing honest and accurate applications – will still be granted their substantive taxi permits, after the re-draw has been held.

The re-draw will take place following the 21-day grace period, announced by the LTA for the return of provisional taxi permits, from ‘ineligible’ recipients, who provided false declarations on their applications, along with any on-going or resulting LTA investigations.

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