A 20 year old man counts himself lucky to be alive after he was brutally attacked by a group of men in Suva last week.

Tyrone Taito’s story sparked outrage on social media following the traumatic incident that caused him to lose sight on his right eye.

This walkway along Stinson Parade in Suva, is the route Tyrone Taito uses to get to the bus stand after work.

The 20 year-old, who works as a DJ at one of the popular nightclubs in Suva, says he knocked off work at 5am last Wednesday, and walked with his friend along the Stinson Parade walkway to get to the bust stand. He adds this route was his usual safest route, until that morning when he got mugged by a group of men.

Taito says his friend noticed the group of men following them but did not pay much attention until he felt a punch on the right side of his face, and multiple punches followed.

“They forcefully took my wallet and my bag with my phone in my pocket,” Taito says.

Meanwhile, Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirms that the Investigation into the matter is underway.

Taito now rests at home after 5 days of being admitted in hospital.

Following the heavy injuries he sustained from the incident, Taito is unable to use his right eye and is calling for justice to be served.

He is advising members of the public take extra precautions while walking alone at night.

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