The livelihood of some 200 thousand people depend on the Sugar Industry either directly or indirectly and is far too important to die a slow and painful death.

This was the message from Opposition MP, Prem Singh while giving his presentation on the 2018 to 2019 National Budget.

Singh says that the lack of knowledge and experience on how the industry works has been it’s greatest downfall in the past years.

“Right from the cane planting to sugar production in the mills, the sugar industry has been run by those who cannot differentiate the root from of a cane from its stalk. And this is no exaggeration, one only has to look at Government’s 5 to 20 years development plan on sugar to clarify what we’re saying. On the 25th of November 2017 the honorable AG and Minister responsible for Climate Change in the Fiji Times report, AG clarified and defended Government’s 5 year to 20 year development plan and says it was based on an output from a technical group of produced results and tables and I was struck by those results. This after NFP pointed out the crystal forecast for sugar cane and sugar production statistics.”

He adds Government has taken ownership to statistical output of the sugar industry and the use of misleading statistics and projections on sugar cane and sugar production is unbelievable.

“No Government is but a worse dictatorship would manufacture statistics in the manner that is contained in the National Development plan. Hypocritically, also labelled as being about transformation. The tonnes of cane required to manufacture 1 tonne of sugar , crop and sugar production statistics both for 2016 and 2017, harvesting and crushing season as well as in the future are totally misleading. The sugar industry is strategically fraud statistics for 2016 season which were available when the plan was formulated.”


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