The accused in the murder trial of 22 year old Elenoa Dicovi gave evidence in court today.
Retired Republic of the Fiji Military Force officer Timoci Lolohea revealed in court that during the incident he was in military mode of training.
He told the court this led to the death of his beloved Elenoa.
While giving evidence in court today Retired RFMF officer Timoci Lolohea told the court he had joined the military at the age of 19 and had been deployed overseas since 1981 – 2015 to countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Sinai, Iraq and Afghanistan.
In 1994 he had retired from the RFMF and was serving as a personal security detail.
The court heard in his years of service he was trained to kill and this had taken its toll on him as he could not put his mind to rest because of all he had seen.
The court heard after his deployment he found it hard to fit into society even with his family and very close relatives.
Lolohea admitted he was always violent towards his wife, children and neighbors when provoked.
Defence lawyer, Lisiate Qetaki asked Lolohea about the incident that led to the death of his defecto partner.
He said he was not in control of himself but something else was in control of his body and it was using his body as an instrument of death and at that moment he had recalled all that he had done during his training.
According to Lolohea the problem started when his defacto partner started working. Then he later found out that she was having an affair.
Qetaki asked him the reasons why he had two knives on the day. He said at that moment the only thing that was in his mind was that he was going to use it on her.
On the morning of 20th of March last year the court heard he woke up to an empty house and everything was gone including Elenoa. He felt a feeling of loneliness so he started looking for her. He said he wanted to prove his love to her and wanted her to sign a document to show that he could look after her. He added he had invested so much in her.
Lolohea told the court that because of his military background he felt the effect of the military training and his tour on duties. This started a devouring hatred on her so he decided to take revenge for himself, his family, his integrity and his honor.
He said she was a thorn in his flesh, she was his enemy and she had to be taken down.

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