While taking the stand to give evidence Timoci Lolohea revealed that his intention was to kill his

de-facto partner.

During the cross examination he had agreed with DPP lawyer, Siteri Navia that after his return from tour on duties he did not pay to get psychiatric help nor did he seek religious groups within the RFMF.

While responding to the defence lawyer, Lisiate Qetaki’s questions he said he wanted to meet his defacto partner to ask her to come back and get her to sign documents.

Lolohea said while on his tours he had witnessed a lot of atrocities which had taken toll on his mental state of being.

The 56-year-old said this had affected all his relationships and after this he had resorted to violence to solve issues.

He said during his military training he was trained to kill and not to save.

Qetaki asked him what was running through his mind on the day of the alleged murder.

Lolohea replied : “he felt the effect of the military training- “She is your enemy, she has betrayed you so you have to take her down”

He said this mindset was accordance to his military training and tour on duties.

During the cross examination DPP lawyer, Siteri Navia asked Lolohea if the atrocities he witnessed affected the way he thought and acted- Lolohea replied it also ‘affected the way he lived.’

When asked if he had assaulted his de-facto partner Lolohea denied and said ‘he only assaulted her when he found out that she was having an affair.’

Lolohea confirmed that after the assault she left him.

He also confirmed that when she left him he went looking for her and also persuaded her a few times to go back before the incident.

The court heard that when his de-facto partner told him that she would not return and that she had moved on with her life.

Navia suggested that the rejection made Lolohea jealous and he agreed.

Lolohea admitted that his de-facto partner had died because of the stab wounds and from the time he started stabbing the 22 year old he intended to kill her.

The trail continues before High Court Judge Justice Salesi Temo.

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