Some people tend to overload their trucks in an attempt to save costs.

Loading a truck beyond its capacity can have disastrous consequences. Beyond immediate dangers to safety, overloaded trucks also damage roadways and infrastructure by exposing them to loads beyond their design tolerances.

In Fiji we have a weight restriction in place of 32 tons’ gross vehicle mass.

The Land Transport Authority operates a number of fixed weighbridge sites around the country supplemented by mobile weighbridge equipment which are deployed in areas where overloading is known to occur and their deployment is intelligence led.

The penalties for operating an overloaded vehicle are severe and represent a deterrent to haulage operators who may be tempted to engage in the practice of overloading.

Whether you are a driver of a company vehicle that is being operated in an overloaded condition or you are the operator, you both have responsibilities to ensure that your vehicle is NEVER overloaded on the roads of Fiji.

Drivers of Company vehicles must inform their employers of Traffic Infringement Notices (T.I.N.) issued for any reason as soon as practicable after the event.

Operators failure of your drivers to notify you of any T.I.N. being issued does not absolve you from responsibility to pay any and all outstanding T.I.N.’s incurred by your company vehicles and drivers.

Operators and Drivers don’t get caught always ensure your vehicle is operating lawfully at all times. The fine is just not worth it!

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