Due to the heavy rain last night several roads are restricted to traffic.

The following roads are closed in Rewa:

  • Waiwatu Crossing on Navulokani Road – crossing flooded
  • Waidradra Crossing on Vatulili Road – crossing flooded
  • Wainavida Crossing on Lutu Vuisiga Road – crossing washed out                       

The following roads are closed in Korovou: 

  • Nabilo Road – road flooded
  • Navunisole Crossing on Navunispole Road – crossing flooded
  • Waimalua crossing on Nawiwaivusa Road – crossing flooded
  • Wairua Crossing on Wairua Road – crossing flooded
  • Naboro Crossing on Naboro Cocoa Road – crossing flooded
  • Colata Crossing on Colata Farm Road – crossing flooded
  • Dawasamu Road – major river embankment scouring at 9km. Access from Dawasamu to Bureiwai is restricted to all vehicles

The following roads are closed in Sigatoka:

  • Matewale Crossing on Valley Road is closed due to flooding
  • FRA contractors has mobilised to site. We will restore access once floodwaters recede.
  • Rabaraba Crossing on Nasivikoso Road is closed due to flooding
  • Multiple sections on Namoli Road is only open to 4WD due to scouring
  • Red hill near Draubuta Road junction on Nakoro Road is open to 4WD due to scoring

Motorists are advised not to drive into water of unknown depth and current, as this can be life threatening. For further queries please call our toll free number 5720 or send an email to info@fijiroads.org





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