“For us Pacific island communities we do not need science to tell us this. We are already experiencing these impacts! Our rainfall and drought episodes are now more severe, our coastlines are eroding away, and our reefs subjected to more bleaching events. To be told that this will only get worse is of course both frightening and frustrating.

“Frightening because we know that the lives of us vulnerable countries and regions are in greater peril – and frustrating because we know that we can still do something about this.”

COP23 Climate Champion and Minister for Defence and National Security, Inia Seruiratu at the opening of the MPCGA: Scaling up investments in resilience to meet the needs of vulnerable people.

The event is a roundtable of the COP24 Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action for a diverse dialogue on successful actions across sectors and scales, focused on putting communities at the heart of public-private investments into climate resilience for and with the most vulnerable.

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