Venturing into business is always a dream that’s hard to fulfill.

But with perseverance and determination, even being a spinal injury patient has not deterred 37 year old Sekonaia Kotobalavu in making his dreams come true.

Kontiki Finance have heard his plight for assistance and have come on board to help fulfil Sekonaia’s dreams.
“For you guys it only take 2 months to do that, it’s really amazing and I know there’s no words to explain how happy I am today,” said Sekonaia Kotobalavu – Spinal Injury Patient.

At 37 years of age and bedridden for more than 16 years with spinal injury, Sekonaia Kotobalavu couldn’t ask for more.

A simple meeting Helen at a Spinal Injury dinner late last year has helped his dreams of developing a small chicken farm and BBQ Business to help his family out of poverty.

“So the staff got together and we started having raffles and raising funds . SK came to me with a quote for all the equipment that he needed to start these 2 small businesses and we were able to raise a total of $3,000. We spent $2,800 on the equipment and we were able to give SK and his family $200 to buy the produce he needed to get his business running,” said Helen Williamson – Training and Development Manager – Kontiki Finance.

Kotobalavu and his family were lost for words when their visitors arrives at their doorstep to deliver the BBQ Stand, a table, chairs and a small freezer.

“My family and I we are really overwhelmed with this kind support and all the things that we’re receiving today and I know I’m a person with disability and I’m bedridden for more than 16 years. When I was looking around for support for my house because I was living in a house in a squatter settlement it’s really hard, it takes me more than 14 years for someone to put his hands up to provide materials for my house,” said Sekonaia Kotobalavu – Spinal Injury Patient.

Not only has this taught a lesson for the Staff at Kontiki Finance it should also teach us to always lend a helping hand whenever we can.

“On this platform I would on behalf of the spinal injury association, would really ask the general community if you can spare a dollar or have some sort of assistance ready when the need from the Association comes, please do because they really need our help,” said Alifereti Kikau – Manager Affinity Business – Kontiki Finance.

Kontiki Finance also dropped off the materials for Sekonaia’s Chicken shed at his home yesterday afternoon.

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