Staff of the Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations have been reminded of the need to meet new challenges and to regard them as opportunities. 

This was the message conveyed by the line Minister, Hon. Parveen Kumar Bala while addressing the staff during the launch of the Ministry’s “Costed Operational Plan FY 2019-2020”.    

“Refusing to change and modernise as a ministry is not an option. Government is committed to meeting this changing environment head-on,” Minister Kumar said. 

He said while the costed OPS may be new, it is premised on the existing commitment of the Ministry to retain ambitious targets throughout the 2019-2020 planning period to respond to urgent challenges and sustained demand for effective labour markets. 

“Whilst we are well under way within the first quarter, we are entering the most challenging phase of the Plan: implementation.” 

“May I also remind you of our responsibilities under the five year & 20 Year National Development Plan that Government has called for us to shoulder to reach the target as set – Reducing unemployment by less than 4 percent, by 2021,” Minister Kumar said. 

He added that a well-educated, well-trained, motivated workforce not only drives personal and community prosperity, it also makes Fiji a good place to do business and attracts inward investment while reducing reliance on imported labour and the pressures which a rising population brings.

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