The swearing in of the Prime Minister was attended by FijiFirst candidates and key stakeholders.

Voreqe Bainimarama led FijiFirst to victory in the 2018 general elections after he topped the results by candidates pulling in 167,732 votes.

FijiFirst won the 2018 general elections with 227,241 votes which is 50.02 percent of the total votes.

Swearing in for his second term as Prime Minister Bainimarama says this is another achievement for his party.

“I think it’s been an exciting day for all Fiji First supporters and candidates and the people have made their choice, they’ve selected my party to lead government in the next four years.” – Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama. 

Now that the Fiji first party will be walking into government Bainimarama says they will now pick up where they left off.

“We’ve got a manifesto that is articulate, readable, people understand it and I think that’s what people elected us for. We’re going to continue the work we’ve been doing in the last four years especially those in development.” 

Bainimarama adds they have a few lessons to learn and has also attributed the drop in the votes FijiFirst got in the 2018 General Elections to the bad weather last Wednesday.

“We had election on a bad day, we had bad weather, a lot of people didn’t turn up to come and vote, I think they were my voters that didn’t come but hopefully we’ve learnt from that and the next time around we will organise a lot more transport than what we did last time.”

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