A search party led by the village headman of Nacomoto village have located the missing fibre glass boat submerged at the Soso passage in Kadavu,

They have managed to pull the boat to shore, however the victim remains missing when the search was called off last night.

A search party has been activated and they managed to locate a gallon container used for fuel and a long flat wooden board found at Namara Village.

Police have also received information that another gallon container was found at Vacalea village by villagers.
Two officers left out to Vacalea to confirm the findings and a search party including 3 fibre glass boat from Mokoisa Village and 4 fibre glass boat from Nacomoto Village with the assistance of the Fiji Navy are searching in the open sea.
The victim was last seen drinking with two farmers from Mokoisa Village late Thrusday night in a fiberglass boat near to the village.

The two Mokoisa villagers asked the victim to sleep and travel the next morning, only to wake up the next day to discover the victim and his 23ft fiberglass boat with 40HP and ”KD LAVETA” printed in Red on the side of the boat missing.

Search continuestoday.

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