The Search and Rescue Operations for the 7 Missing people that left Levuka in a Fibreglass Boat bound for Gau Island on Boxing Day has been Suspended.

This was confirmed by the Fiji Maritime Surveillance Rescue Coordination Centre.

At this point in time, the Navy Rescue Coordination Centre and Fiji Police Force will suspend search operations as the window of SAR Operations has closed due to the approaching inclement weather.

The case remains open and they will continue to monitor the situation for any new leads.

The Navy SAR flight spotted a target matching the description of the missing boat submerged near Moturiki Island last Friday, following this discovery, the search teams focussed their search in Bau waters with no further sighting.

In light of this case, the FMSRCC would also like to remind members of the Public who plan any travel over water to please heed all weather advisories and avoid all travels until the inclement weather Passes.

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