The sea of pumice found in the island of Lakeba in the Lau Group is killing their fishes and turtles.

This was revealed by the Officer in Charge of the Fisheries department on the island Frank Jeremaia when Fiji One News reached out to him in relation to the pumice that have been on their coasts since the 31st of August.

Jeremaia said this is the first time they have experienced something like this and added that the pumice is so thick that even during high tide, people of Lakeba are walking on top of the pumice as if they are walking on dry land.

The pumice is blocking the boat passage and Jeremaia said this event will not have a long term effect on the marine ecosystem around the island.

International news outlets reported that that the pumice was from an underwater volcanic eruption that occured near Tonga on the 9th of August.

The pumice is slowly starting to clear out of the coasts of lakeba and villagers are even manually trying to clear it out themselves . But it will take them quite a while to completely clear out the whole sea of pumice.


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