Scientists from the USA visited the Adi Cakobau School in Sawani to deliver the ‘Pearls in Paradise’ book.

The books’ co-Author, Julie Von Vett said that understanding science can help students be better innovators of technology.

She added that since they launched the book in Fiji back in 2016, students test scores have improved.

It was not the result that they expected but she is grateful that her book could be of help for students in Fiji.

Von Vett added that balancing the evolution and God as the creator makes students become more critical of nature and how things around them exist.

She teaches in private schools and for home schools and has over 500 students in the state of Minnesota.

Julie Von Vett is part of a group of world renowned scientists including Dr.Carl Edward Baugh the founder and creator of the Creation Evidence museum in Texas.

The team will be visiting schools around the country and they will be departing for Kadavu tonight.


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